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Intentional abortion is always an evil act

Deborah Lloyd (Write Back, August 4) seems to argue that men (because they are not women) should not express strong views on abortion. She is wrong, because abortion affects both males and females equally.

Both sexes die in the act of intentional abortion. Furthermore, women, as much as men, are to the fore of the international pro-life movement.

Another correspondent asks if God is to blame for the fertilised eggs that do not proceed to full term? He, or she, asks: "Is God a murderer?"

God is the creator and author of life. From him every life originates and to him every life belongs and returns. Therefore, to call God a murderer is absurd.

God alone has the power, the right and the authority to give life and to take it back, as he wills.

Human beings have no such rights over human life. Intentional abortion - the act of deliberately killing an unborn child - is always intrinsically evil.

The unborn child, in his and her mother's womb, is not part of the woman's body. He and she has unique personhood and a separate identity from the mother.

No man, or woman, has the right to deliberately destroy the life of another human being - both born and unborn.

Fr Patrick McCafferty

Corpus Christi Parish, Belfast

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