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Intolerance, not religion, helped mould society

Thinkers from ancient Greece to the Enlightenment would turn in their graves at Paul Kokoski's suggestion that Western civilisation "was founded on Christian principles" (Write Back, December 29).

There is, however, one religious trait that has had a profound effect on our civilisation - intolerance.

From the Inquisition to modern fundamentalists, there have always been some Christians with the bigoted attitude that all must conform to their vision of the 'true faith'.

Paul Kokoski is no different as he expresses his wish that his Sabbatarianism must be forced on all.

If he wants to keep his own Sundays miserable then that is his affair. But if he tries to force it on me then I will exercise the freedom given to me by Western civilisation, in the face of religious opposition, and tell him to stuff it.


Warrington, Cheshire


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