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Invest NI spends £500k on hospitality

Mr Allister should equate the money spent against the number of jobs procured and success or failure can be easily judged.

One thing is certain, you have to go out into the world looking for people to invest in NI rather than just sitting up at the Giant's Causeway figuring out whether it is 6,000 or 10,000 years old as some of our politicians argue.


Why is it a constant surprise to us that 'public' funds are squandered? To most in charge of spending it, it is no more than Monopoly bank notes, not earned, just allocated from a central budget. That is why the private sector rarely has scandals of a similar nature as they have to go out and actually earn their 'central budget', (apart from the banking sector maybe... ooppssss!!)


OK, so 500k was spent. How many jobs were created as a result of this expenditure? How many jobs were lost from companies that received funding? The net number, and the quality of the jobs created are the important factors that need to be highlighted.


Frank Mitchell picks up litter

Good on you Frank, I hate litter too.


Good for Frank. He actually does what he tells others to do. Amazing in today's hypocritical world!


Belfast Telegraph default opposition

'We do not support any one party and feel it right to question all politicians if they appear to be failing in their duties. Both in press and digitally we have cross-community appeal.' The BT has changed (for the better) considerably since I were a lad. I do not always agree with their viewpoints but when I see others who I disagree with politically also complaining then I believe the Belfast Telegraph is on the right track.


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