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Iodine levels in organic milk have increased

In your interview with Professor Margaret Rayman (Life, November 10), she advises against organic milk products for those seeking to obtain iodine from milk.

In the UK, concentrate feeds for dairy cows have been fortified with iodine for more than 60 years to increase iodine supply to cows and consumers.

Both UK organic and non-organic farmers supplemented dairy diets with minerals, although this tends to be at lower levels on organic farms, which is why iodine levels have been lower in organic milk.

This has been well-known for some time, and, in response, UK dairies have taken steps to increase iodine in the minerals fed to organic cows.

Over the last two years, this has led to similar iodine levels in organic milk.

So, young women, who tend to be deficient in iodine, need not stop drinking organic milk, which, of course, has other nutritional benefits.

The latest research shows that switching to organic milk consumption will increase the intake of Omega-3 fatty acids and is linked to a range of health benefits in mother and child human cohort studies.


Policy director, Soil Association

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