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IRA murder of Mary Travers was no error

In March 1984, Gerry Adams appeared at Belfast Magistrates' Court on a charge of obstruction. The magistrate hearing the case was Tom Travers.

Adams was wounded in an attack by UDA member John Gregg, who was arrested. It has since been revealed that the intelligence services had ensured that the weapon couldn't have killed anyone, never mind Adams, who was wearing a flak jacket.

Does anyone believe that it was sheer coincidence that Tom Travers was targeted by the associates of Adams? When will we hear an apology from Adams or his fellow 'commander' from Londonderry for the murder of Mary Travers?

Miss Travers' murder was not a mistake. It was deliberate to add a further degree of terror to the anticipated murder of her father.


Retired solicitor

Ballymena, Co Antrim