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IRA murders were very far from civilised

I don't agree with Pat Sheehan that the Provisional IRA slaughter of the innocents was in any way civilised.

I would like to remind readers that the Provos bombed the Shankill Road, not just once, but many times.

They bombed the Balmoral furniture store on the Shankill in 1972, and murdered two babies and two adults.

Then there was the bombings of The Bayardo Bar, The Four Step Inn, The Mountainview Tavern, and more recently Frizzel's fish shop.

All these terrible bombings resulted in multiple deaths.

So Mr Sheehan, these and many more deliberate actions of the Provos, especially in border areas, and all over the province are definite proof that the Provos conducted a deliberate sectarian campaign against Protestants.




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