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Iranian Jews are happy at home

Daniel Briscoe says that the Islamic regime in Iran is viciously anti-semitic.

It is difficult to reconcile this assertion with the fact that around 25,000 Jews live in Iran, despite considerable efforts by Israel to persuade them to emigrate to Israel.

Substantial financial assistance is available to all Jews emigrating to Israel, but in 2007 a large additional package was offered to Iranian Jews.

In response, Iran's sole Jewish MP, Morris Motamed, described the $60,000 offer as "insulting", adding that "Iran's Jews have always been free to emigrate and three-quarters of them did so after the revolution but 70pc of those went to America, not Israel."

The offer had limited success: a total of 207 Iranian Jews emigrated to Israel in 2007.

Dr David Morrison, Lansdowne Road, Belfast

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