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IRA's countless atrocities were every bit as horrific as the terrorist outrage in Manchester



Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Eilis O'Hanlon's excellent article, "So, Michelle, just when did it become unacceptable to bomb Manchester? (Comment, May 24)", exposes, once again, the republican doublethink which says that IRA bombings resulting in child murders, which happened in the past, were justified, but that the same types of attacks by others are now atrocities and unthinkable.

If republicans supported murder, bombing, maiming and mutilation as a means to achieve their political ends during their terrorist campaign and can now only condemn others who now act in the same fashion, then clearly these same republicans are at ease with the suffering the IRA meted to out to children in the past, including so-called punishment beatings and shootings.

Sinn Fein demands equality and respect. Why should a party which both condones and glorifies the sustained serial human rights abuses of the IRA deserve our respect?

Better, then, that Michelle O'Neill and other republicans stay silent in their shared support for the methods, if not the ideology, of the Manchester bomber, rather than flaunt their disrespect in books of condolence.

In its silent reflection, Sinn Fein should also consider what the IRA's "slaughter of the innocents" was all about, when the most it achieved was to settle comfortably into a devolved Assembly under British statute, to administer British law and, in return, accept the Queen's shilling for their efforts.


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