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IRA's criminality ignored to keep process alive

Last week was a tough week for the forgotten and innocent victims of terrorism.Wall-to-wall coverage of Saville, underscoring a perverse hierarchy of victims, along with the frenzied vilification of the security forces, has left many law-abiding citizens dismayed.

The First Minister's compliant acceptance and endorsement of Saville, without so much as a whimper about its findings that his partner, McGuinness, was in possession of a sub-machine gun and, if so, perjured himself, only added to the feeling that all sense of right and wrong has been so dumbed down to placate the 'peace process' that we are a society without any moral compass. The priority of preserving the terrorists in government process at all costs also explains the deliberate suppression of a most far-reaching event in Co Laois. In collaboration with Interpol, Gardai a few days ago discovered a huge currency counterfeiting operation in an IRA bunker, which has been netting the IRA millions across the world. Run by a 'pardoned' IRA murderer and three members of Sinn Fein it explodes the officially sanctioned myth IRA/Sinn Fein has abandoned all criminality and, thus, is fit for government.

If, as appears, IRA/Sinn Fein has indeed been caught out involved in an international currency counterfeiting operation, what action will we see from those who assured us they had ensured such criminality was over and that Sinn Fein was now fit to be partnered in government?

This should be a moment of truth. Sadly, I fear it will be another dishonest indulgence of denial, as preserving the process is again judged more important than getting worked up about a bit of international criminality by a party of government.


Leader, Traditional Unionist Voice


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