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Ireland border poll would test unionist resolve

I didn't vote in the recent election; indeed, prior to this election, I attended the polling station and identified myself on the election paper and then proceeded to highlight the actions of betrayal of the unionist voters by the British agencies and collusion with the IRA.

When Sinn Fein pulled the plug, I formed the view that this was a tester for a border poll.

All the unionist parties deserve to be criticised for their attitude of "ourselves alone", which, of course, was the core attitude of the deceased leader of the DUP.

The unionist people, I am sure, are disgusted at the self-interest of the parties, rather than the common good. I would strongly recommend the unionist population should demand their public representatives to insist on a border poll forthwith, which would:

1 Necessitate them working together;

2 Test the Alliance Party;

3 Test whether the unionist people think it worthwhile to remain in the UK, which for so many years has betrayed them, and,

4 Force them to face reality and stop living in cloud-cuckoo land.


Ballymena, Co Antrim

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