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Ireland is poor on record-keeping

It IS hard to believe that in 2011, in the Irish state, members of the religious minority community are denied the right to access their personal records.

Government agencies supply details of official documents, such as birth certificates, on request - provided the applicant is Catholic.

Non-Catholics are directed to PACT, the designated agency for Protestants, at a fee of €40.

A small price to pay, you may think. But we in the Bethany Survivors Group find that many people worldwide, who have contacted PACT, share our experience of frustration. It is an infringement of our human rights.

For that reason, the Bethany Survivors Group is calling on the Irish government to take away the records from PACT and keep all records in government storage.

We urge the Minister of Justice to take action on this forthwith


Chairperson, Bethany Survivors Group