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Ireland worse off with Rome rule after all

In a bizarre quirk of fate, the recent revelations of the report into sexual abuse in the Dublin Diocese of the Catholic church may yet prove the old unionist slogan "Home rule means Rome rule" to be 100% accurate.

For all its faults, the Northern Ireland Government never abdicated the rule of law in favour of any one church.

The police in Northern Ireland never allowed the clergy to be placed above the law.

Many unionists have been castigated over the years for their aversion to the Catholic church, fearful of its power.

They were often accused of sectarianism, but maybe some did see the inappropriate interference of the Catholic church in state affairs.

What Ireland now needs is a thorough reassessment of the real history of the last 100 years, all done in the light of the darkness at the centre of its society.

If Archbishop McQuaid was as powerful as many believe, and his judgment as poor as the report suggests, then his influence over successive Irish governments can not be viewed as positive.

There must be a reassessment. Then maybe even nationalists/republicans may be forced to conclude Home rule did mean Rome rule and Ireland was the worse for it.



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