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Ireland 'Yes' vote on gay marriage is just the start

Parents must not assume if the same-sex marriage referendum is passed in the Republic that Enda Kenny and pro-Yes groups will put a tick in a box and then go away about their normal business. This is, in fact, the beginning - not the end.

A big battle is being fought on same-sex marriage (SSM) in the US. There, SSM has been imposed and legalised by some state legislatures and courts, but not by public referendum. This is much more difficult to achieve.

A major prize would be if a Catholic country like Ireland voted in a referendum of the people to legalise SSM.

If parents have been uneasy with sex education, they will be even more uneasy when their children tell them, from school, the details of how 'gay' sex is carried out.

Introducing children to homosexual relationships could also have health and psychological consequences. Letting children have their childhood should, as far as possible, be the objective.


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