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IRFU and equality

I take some pleasure in the retreat, part only though it may be, of the Irish Rugby Football Union in its recognition of the two countries on the island of Ireland by the attendance of some members of the team at a reception for the Queen.

Following the IRFU’s ban on flying the Union flag and playing this country’s national anthem at Ravenhill, this is a move in the right direction and came about because of the campaign led by Trevor Ringland and supported by many, including myself.

The decision by the IRFU to take part shows that, under pressure, that body can be made to think again. The next step is cancelling the ban at Ravenhill and treating all on this island as equals. To many of us that is the only future.

It is up to the Irish rugby authorities to take the next step.

Let us all congratulate Trevor Ringland and his team on their victory.

Equality will always win in the end.

Lord Laird of Artigarvan

House of Lords, London

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