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Iris won't be missed by the gay community

It is very interesting that Iris Robinson has made the decision to quit politics. She won't be missed by the gay community.

Her hate-filled remarks caused a homophobic backlash against the lesbian/gay/bi/trans community in the north of Ireland .

To make matters worse, she was not even questioned or arrested by the PSNI for committing a hate-crime, but when when one of her gay constituents went to her office to make a complaint over her homophobic remarks, he was arrested by police.

This case has proven to the LGBT community what side the police are really on - and it is not the side of the oppressed.

The outcome of Mrs Robinson's remarks, however, made our community united and, coming a week before Gay Pride Belfast, prompted the biggest turnout for a Gay Pride march in the whole of Ireland, with more than 9,000 people taking part.

So, good riddance, Mrs Robinson. The gay community is still going strong.


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