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Irish amnesty for 'traitors' is long overdue

Listening to the news headlines, I was overjoyed to hear that the government of the Republic is to grant an amnesty to those Irish citizens who were once considered traitors for enlisting in the British armed forces to fight against Hitler.

This amnesty is long overdue, as is the pardon that is to follow. But I cannot help but wonder what Sinn Fein will say on this?

While I accept that the reasons many Irish people decided to enlist in the war are varied, I have little doubt that the need for economic survival and a full stomach was paramount.

After the war, Irish people in their tens of thousands crossed the Irish Sea for employment in Britain.

I ask: were these same people not traitors, also? After all, their effort was a considerable contributory factor to Britain's economic recovery.

From Timbuktu to Honolulu, all people want a peaceful, law-abiding society, where their efforts are rewarded with an appropriate lifestyle.

What flag that is achieved under, to me, becomes a secondary consideration.

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