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Irish rugby at low ebb

I consider it to be significant that, to date, there has been little public response by the Ulster rugby branch concerning the controversy over their appeasement in supporting the ban of British symbols at Ravenhill in Belfast at the end of August.

Who are these people who have changed rugby policy to regard Northern Ireland as simply part of a non-existent all-island state called Ireland?

Who are these people who would appear to have bartered away our national anthem in place of having at least one member on the Irish team regardless of merit?

Who are these people who did not sell the family silver - they gave it away?

I hope to find out who they are, who elected them, who supports them and why they have taken it on themselves to act in this outrageous, non-democratic fashion which, as has been pointed out, infringes my human rights. Ulster rugby and Irish rugby have reached a low ebb. I find it so sad.

Puzzled Rugby Follower, Enniskillen

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