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Irish TDs 'sinful' over Bill on hare coursing

Pope Francis, during the World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation, called for environmental destruction to be classified as a sin.

Without getting into any theological arguments about the nature of sin or Papal infallibility I do believe he has a point. And given his admiration for St Francis of Assisi, I'd like to think he'd agree with me when I use the word sin to describe the action of 114 TDs last June in voting to allow live hare coursing to a continue in the Irish Republic.

By doing so, they said yes to hares being snatched from the Irish countryside to be used as bait for pairs of hyped-up greyhounds that strike, maul, and toss them about at so-called sporting venues. By rejecting a Bill proposing a ban on this obscenity those TDs were surely guilty of a sin, whatever religious or atheistic quibblers may say to the contrary.

If it's not sinful to subject a creature like the hare to a practice where it has to twist and turn and dodge to avoid injury or death, and all for human amusement, then it ought to be, as should the political cowardice that enables hare coursing to survive in Ireland.

John Fitzgerald


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