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Irish-Scottish federation within EU would be ideal solution to Brexit which is unwanted by so many

letter of the day: referendum solution

Unification is a very divisive word in Ireland, but perhaps we should look at the bigger picture.

The Brexit referendum which was imposed on both Scotland and Northern Ireland produced a vote in favour of staying in Europe in both countries (or parts of the UK, if you prefer).

But there are many things that unify the Irish, north and south, and the Scots. In the north of Ireland, there are some who consider themselves Irish and others British and again others who are Irish and European, or British and European. It is the same in Scotland.

There are many historical links between Ireland and Scotland, linguistic and political. In one direction, there is the link between Irish and Scots Gaelic and in the other is the plantation of Ulster by Scots.

So, should we not consider a united Irish/Scot federation? Ireland, north and south, and Scotland, whose citizens are currently members of the European Union, of which, in the north and in Scotland, a majority wish to remain?

Each part of this federation is, at this moment, a member of the European Union and, therefore, should not be forced to leave. In addition, during the last Scottish referendum on independence, the British Government said that Scotland could not use the pound sterling as a national currency. As Ireland is in the Eurozone, one could expect that this new federation would have the euro as its currency.

I believe that this would be a solution for those currently part of the United (or should that be dis-united?) Kingdom, who wish to remain in the European Union. Brexit has two years to be negotiated. Politicians in the north and south of Ireland and in Scotland have the same period to put this federation in place.

malachi O'sullivan

Limoges, France

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