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Irresponsible dog owners have no excuse for letting their out of control animals roam free

Letter of the day: pet dangers

A few days ago, while walking my obedient dog in an appropriate forest trail, I encountered, not for the first time, another aggressive, out of control dog.

This dog was off its lead and some distance ahead of the owner. The owner's calls were in vain, as it didn't pay any attention. It continued to get closer while its owner sauntered along behind.

I did what I do every time I see a dog, whether it be on a lead, off a lead, friendly, playful, or potentially aggressive - I recalled my dog and restrained her by my side.

This out of control dog continued to approach at speed and immediately growled and went to attack.

The situation was left to me to control. In trying to prevent my own dog from getting hurt, I ended up with a bruised leg, where this aggressive dog of considerable size repeatedly banged off it.

Time and time again, I meet these irresponsible owners, who don't seem to care. Far too many dogs are being injured and killed because of other, out of control dogs.

It is about time that irresponsible owners were adequately dealt with. An official dog warden's slap on the wrist is not enough. Gone are the days you could enjoy a peaceful dog walk. Now, instead, you have to be on guard in case you meet one of these out of control dogs.

To all irresponsible dog owners, I say, stop ruining our walks and allowing our precious canine companions (or, God forbid, a child) to get hurt, or killed. If your dog has no recall, is out of your control, or can show signs of aggression, keep it on its lead while out walking.


Bangor, Co Down

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