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Irresponsible slur by myopic Dudley Edwards

Ruth Dudley Edwards has plumbed new depths of scurrility (Comment, May 15): 'Brainwashing seems to be an issue with young Irish speakers, judging by TV's The Top Table.'

She fails to indicate the many benefits of bilingual education and then chooses instead to criticise members of a panel of very articulate and capable young people.

As the governor of a Gaelscoil, I object most strongly to her question: "Is this education or brainwashing?" in relation to Irish-medium education.

This is a gratuitous insult to parents, teachers, pupils and anyone else involved in schools teaching through Irish.

At a time of hoped-for reconciliation and mutual understanding, her reference to "political recruiting grounds" is a slur which has put people's lives in danger in the past.

Speaking personally, I have no political affiliation and I would object most strongly to political interference in education in most instances.

My support for the Irish language is based on an appreciation of my cultural heritage.

It is a pity that a historian cannot share such an appreciation.

I hope that, in her next contribution, Ms Dudley Edwards produces something of a more responsible nature.



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