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Is God to blame for death of the unborn?


Letters to the Write Back page continue unabated on the subject of abortion, the latest being that of Donald Gale (August 1), who asserts that the instant an egg (ovum) is fertilised, a human being is created. In the past, some pro-life supporters have referred to the result of this fertilisation as a "gift of God".

Of all the eggs which do succeed in fertilisation, I understand that almost 70% fail to proceed to full-term, such terminations being classified as "spontaneous" (i.e. without parental, or medical, knowledge, or intervention).

Are the 70% that fail to proceed to full-term gifts of God that have been subsequently withdrawn by him? If so, is God then a murderer, in the same vein as those so described by some Christian clerics and pro-life supporters?

If not, can someone (anyone) please advise me who, or what, is responsible for the situation where his gifts are being denied the opportunity to proceed to full-term?

These are serious questions and my (male) understanding of the whole issue of abortion would be immeasurably improved by a clear response.

For the record, I am opposed to abortion on demand, but would support abortion in the limited instances of fatal foetal abnormality, or rape, where the mother decided on such a course after receiving all available medical assistance and advice and without any other interference.


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