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Is Government now playing Big Brother with our post?

THIS morning, I went to the Post Office with a small parcel for my niece in Edinburgh that had been filled and wrapped by my wife.

As you do, I asked the Post Office lady how much it would be. She replied by asking me what was in the parcel. I honestly replied that I didn't know.

(I could have replied by asking politely what business it was of hers and what difference it would have made had I told her.)

She then refused to take my money and post the parcel. As this little conversation took place in front of a queue of people, she was clearly embarrassed. I was also embarrassed for being publicly labelled as some sort of persona non grata, or - worse still - a potential terrorist. As I was leaving, she "explained" that this "asking" was new Government policy.

I know that my experience was only a small thing, but I was irritated and frustrated.

I contacted the Post Office complaints desk and spoke my mind to a nice lady called Donna. I stated that I wanted my frustration and complaint passed higher up.

I also stated I realised that she and the Post Office counter lady were only doing their job and I did not hold any grudge against them.

Here we have a situation where the paying public are forced to either tell lies, or be compliant to some patronising, Government-inspired "answer" to terrorism. What nonsense.

Clearly, some Government "suit" in an office has too much time on his, or her, hands.



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