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Is killing the unborn actually progress?

Reading Fionola Meredith's column (Comment, November 18) shows me how twisted logic has become common in our society.

'Women's reproductive rights', 'compassionate, progressive values', 'the humane and compassionate thing' (in relation to an unrecognised medical condition, the prognosis for which has been proven wrong at times, anyway) mean not the positive things that they would suggest, but the right to kill an unborn child - the most vulnerable human being on earth.

What on earth has our society come to when we have 'progressed' to the stage that we think we have the right to decide whether another human being should live or die?

Surely, true compassion and progress means we do all we can to help these voiceless ones by providing support and care for women who have problem pregnancies, rather than offering death as a solution?


Tandragee, Co Armagh

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