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Is Robinson leading us into a bleak winter?

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I read the latest attempt by a DUP toady to prop up the untenable position of Peter Robinson (Write Back, October 23).

Your correspondent argues that Mr Robinson is right to hold out for a "£1.1bn" package as a suitable price for agreeing to the transfer of policing and justice to the Assembly, compared with an earlier offer of £600m.

Peter Robinson has willingly entered government with at least one unrepentant former IRA commander. Now he prepares to give into Sinn Fein's latest demand by agreeing to powers over the police and the courts coming under the control of Stormont.

Regardless of who sits in the minister's chair, the reality is that Sinn Fein will get its hands on at least some of the levers of power in the administration of law-enforcement in Northern Ireland.

As we turn back the clocks, is Mr Robinson going to turn back onto the road of sanity - or is he going to lead us into a bleak winter of discontent?

Only another 58 selling-out days to Christmas, First Minister!




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