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Is Stormont's indecision final?

We are facing, arguably, our biggest economic challenge. However, while the rest of the UK has a budget sorted and action is being taken, what do we have at Stormont? Nothing but a complete shambles and indecisions.

Our leaders of unionism at Stormont have not taken the lead on this crisis. Instead, they are more concerned with electioneering and tabling motions to debate grass cutting. It's time they got real and faced this issue head on.

Elsewhere in the UK the unemployment level has reduced but here it has increased. This, and the total indecision at the heart of Government regarding agreement on a budget, proves the Executive is failing the people.

Indecision is nothing new and we will see more of it as our supposed unionist representatives are afraid to make tough decisions in case they damage relations with their buddies and governmental partners SF/IRA.

Until we get a complete overhaul of the system at Stormont and a real democratic setup, the people in Northern Ireland will suffer. There is only one section of Northern Ireland benefiting from the current system and that is MLAs.

That, of course, is why they are reluctant to change things.



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