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Is terrorism in London worse than in Belfast?

Last week, we saw a man go into a tube station in London and start knifing people while shouting things like, "This is for Syria". This is being treated as an act of terrorism - and rightly so.

Imagine if this man had gone in with a gun of any kind - the outcome would have been a whole lot worse. Due to the increase in the terrorist threat level in the UK, I think the police would be completely justified in being equipped with pistols - like here in Northern Ireland.

Here in Northern Ireland (part of the UK), we have also had people charged with membership of a proscribed organisation, namely the IRA, and we have had an attempt to murder police officers, but it never seems to get the same kind of national coverage.

I pose the question to the UK Government: is terrorism allowed here in Northern Ireland? Is Northern Ireland a second-class state of the UK?

The media here in Northern Ireland should also start calling the groups that are terrorising our communities for what they really are - terrorists - regardless of which religion these people belong to.


Saintfield, Co Down

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