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Islamic faith is a false religion

It is predictable that a Muslim would deny his religion has anything to do with terrorism but, contrary to Mohammed Samaana's letter (Write Back, July 2), the terrorists do represent Islam. Those who defended unbelievers, noble though their actions were, do not.

The Koran and Hadith are very clear. Unbelievers are dirty kufr, like apes and pigs, vilest of creatures in the eyes of Allah, hated by Allah, must not be befriended by Muslims, but must be fought against, terrorised and slain until they submit and pay a tax (the jizya).

To compound matters, the Koran cancels all its early peaceful comments and replaces them with the sentiments above - something Muslims never mention when they cherrypick the nice bits and omit the bad.

Islam is a false religion invented by a false "prophet", who robbed, raped and beheaded his way across ancient Arabia.


Warrington, Cheshire

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