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Isn't it time we treated flags with a bit more respect?

Firstly, I agree that flying flags from every available lamppost is degrading and disrespectful to the flag.

It adds nothing to the celebration it is supposed to represent and is like getting a birthday card every week - it becomes boring.

However, I think that the neutrality/equality campaign has now gone beyond reason. It has come to a sad situation if someone can risk a colleague's livelihood by complaining about a novelty in his car in a works' car park.

Imagine if, when I attend events in the Irish Republic (which I do often), and I complained about the symbols shown there.

What reaction would I get? Or a Hispanic person objecting to the display of the Stars and Stripes in Texas?

This must be the only country in the world where the national flag, or a representation of it, is so disrespected.

Until objectors achieve their utopia - where I suspect objections to the tricolour would get very short shrift - the Union flag is the flag of the country and should be flown with respect, the same as the national flag in every other country.

And they ask why unionists feel alienated?


Co Antrim

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