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Israel a democracy? You're having a laugh


Unbelievable. At a time when we are concerned with Brexit, the economic future of the nation, the well-being of the ill and the old and the future nature of the border with our neighbour, the Belfast Telegraph publishes a cheerleader propagandist letter for the state of Israel in its columns, 'Support for Israel is good for democracy' (Write Back, May 25).

I would remind readers that the true meaning of "democracy" is the rule of the people. It does not mean the occupation of a foreign country, collective punishment or imposing soldiers at every crossroads and strangling the economy in the hope that they will all go away, thus leaving "lebensraum" for someone "American" with an identity crisis.

Nor does it mean that anyone who claims absent heritage from over 2,000 years has preferential nationality over those who have been living there for millennia.

The old argument that there never was a Palestine holds no water. Even the Bible talks about the Philistines. Swap one consonant and one vowel and you can see that "Philistine" equals "Palestine".

While we're on the topic, can I remind readers that the land originally was stolen from the Canaanites.

Plus ca change. Get real.



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