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Israel-bashers should remove their blinkers

I suppose Eamonn McCann only omitted from his article, 'The world must open its eyes to Israel' (Comment, May 25), any mention of the massacre of over 100 people in Houla in Syria, including 30 children under the age of 10, because it had not as yet taken place.

From his article's tone, I would assume that he would have agreed with Iran's foreign ministry spokesman, Ramin Mehmanparast, who was quoted in Iran's semi-official FARS news agency as stating: "Any crime committed [in Syria] can be traced back to the [Israeli] regime's hirelings [and] we palpably feel the Zionist regime's hand in Syria's internal developments."

After all, who would even suspect that such a democrat as Bashir Assad, or Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, would commit such a heinous crime?

This must follow from the 'fact' Israel is an 'apartheid, racist state' that violates international law - unlike its peace-loving neighbours, whose only wish is that it should be wiped off the map.

Perhaps critics of Israel, like Eamonn McCann, would do well to remove their blinkers and concentrate their righteous indignation on the true violators of human rights - even if they sit on the UN Human Rights Council.


Salford, Greater Manchester

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