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Israel damned if it does, obliterated if it doesn't

I have long admired Ms Dudley Edwards' writing and her unique ability to be focused on an historical issue and provide incisive contemporary comment and critique. Ruth's piece on the Gaza conflict (July 24) is commendable for its balance and insight into an ongoing disgraceful problem that has persisted for thousands of years – anti Semitism.

The 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' has long since been dismissed by most intelligent people as the fake piece it was? Except the minority of conspiracy theorists and bigots.

It seems the only good Jew is a persecuted – or even better – a dead one! Israel today is faced with a deadly attack on its very existence. The fact that Israel has been more adept at defending its civilians – and remember, one fifth of Israel's population is Arab – seems to be a major issue with anti-Zionists/anti-Semites. They would rather see more Jewish dead than less Arab casualties.

Anti-Zionists will never be happy until, God forbid, there is no longer an Israel. They are not interested in a two state solution. They are more interested in spurious protests and flag waving, calling for a victory for Hamas.

Israel is between a rock and a hard place. Damned if it does, obliterated if it doesn't.

If all the "protesters" parading with their Palestinian flags would only take a long, hard look a themselves, and think "there must be a better way".

A solution which could have been reached as long ago as 1947/48, and every decade since. Israel has shown it is prepared to return land for peace.

The problem, however, remains that the Palestinians, supported by their vocal supporters worldwide are hell bent on demonising the only liberal democracy in the Middle East. Is it an accident that this country is the only Jewish state? I think not.


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