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Israel has every right to defend people and nation

Hannah Beecham writes (Write Back, February 28) referring to Julie Burchill: "I'm sick of how sickened she is by all of us who object to Israel's past and present policies and practices against Palestinians."

If she means that she is sickened by Israel's past and present policies, then one wonders if she understands that Israel's policies, both past and present, are simply to defend itself against those whose stated policy is to destroy the state and kill its inhabitants.

The president of Iran has stated that the state of Israel should be wiped from the face of the earth. The stated policy of Hamas, the ruling power of the Palestinians in Gaza, is to destroy the state and kill Jews wherever they live.

Rockets are still being fired from Gaza into Israel with the object of killing men, women and children. Hezbollah, an armed organisation in Lebanon, also seeks to annihilate Israel. In the past, the professional armies of five neighbouring countries have tried to destroy the state.

Israel is a tiny country about the size of Wales. Before 1948, Jews were a tiny minority in the countries of the world and in so many countries were persecuted and murdered over many centuries.

The anti-semitism which still exists is often directed against Israel.

Perhaps Hanna Beecham meant that Julie Burchill's defence of Israel sickens her. I am sorry, but I hope that Israel continues to defend its inhabitants and that Julie Burchill continues to defend the state - even at the cost of Hanna Beechham's sickness.


Co Down

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