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Israel is not the only problem in the Arab world

Colin Nevin (Write Back, July 13) quite correctly points out that David Morrison (Write Back, July 11) omits the crucial fact that Israel fought the 1967 Six Day war in response to the threat of the Arab states to wipe it off the map.

Unfortunately, forgetting uncomfortable facts is all-too-common in pro-Palestinian circles.

A similar partial recall is that the UN General Assembly resolution passed in 1947, which called for the setting up of a Jewish state in Palestine, also called for the establishment of an Arab state, implying that the latter did not materialise because of Israeli intransigence.

What is conveniently not remembered is that the leadership of the Palestinian Arabs rejected the resolution and immediately launched a campaign of violence against their Jewish neighbours.

Of course, 'all Arab regimes have faults,' as Mr Morrison states.

But what I find difficult to understand is how any rational person can be so obsessed with those of Israel; blaming it for all the problems of the Middle East, yet dismissing the much greater ones of the Arab world.

To imply that the two are comparable is politically incorrect and, worse, commits the cardinal sin of 'Islamophobia'.

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