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Israel must end siege of Gaza

MIDDLE East peace talks have begun again. This is when Israel, with the help of their ally, the US, tries to bully Palestine into accepting a fraction of what they're actually entitled to.

Since Israel's creation in 1948 (having been given 56% of Palestinian land by the UN), it immediately went about stealing even more land. Within a year, it had accumulated 78% of the land. Then, in 1967, Israel occupied Gaza and the West Bank.

Israel has continued to build huge settlements in the West Bank and, with the help of the Israeli military, it has seized control of the scarce water resources.

If you want peace, then force Israel to follow international law. Dismantle all settlements, stop the military occupation, end the siege on Gaza and allow the displaced refugees to return.

And get an impartial mediator. In other words, anyone apart from Britain, or the US.


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