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Israel wants to live in peace

It seems Robert Fisk and David Cameron have something in common, judging by Cameron's statements criticising Israel during his recent trip to Turkey, where he described Gaza as a "prison camp", and Fisk's article "How murderous Israel became the EU's protege" (Comment, August 2).

Fisk harks back to the issue of British passports allegedly having been forged by the Israeli Mossad in the Dubai affair. Yet not a voice was heard over the same thing happening by the Russian spies who were discovered in the US.

Israel would love to live in peace but this is not possible while Israel's enemies seek to destroy her. Mr Fisk seeks to destroy the Jewish state by his loathsome words such as "murderous Israel". Mr Cameron isn't doing a bad job either in running down Israel.

Why do so many lambast the only democracy in the Middle East?


Bangor, Co Down


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