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Israeli electorate voted for 'life'at the ballot boxes

Dr Kevin McCarthy (Write Back, March 23) is, of course, perfectly entitled to deplore Benjamin Netanyahu's electoral success, but he stretches the point when he claims that it is "a triumph for the politics of fear over socio-economics".

The Israeli electorate are clearly fearful of the underlying Palestinian objectives, which they perceive as being the elimination of Israel. As a result, they voted for "life", rather than "quality of life".

They may be paranoid, but continuing terrorist activity seems to show that their fears are not entirely unfounded.

While his "Israeli friends, who are proudly Zionist ... [may be] deeply committed to a just two-state solution to the tragedy of Israel-Palestine", the same can hardly be said of the Palestinian leadership, whose demand for the "right of return" of those displaced in 1948 is merely a less obviously bloodthirsty way of eliminating Israel than their cry in 1948 and 1967 to "drive the Jews into the sea".

In any case, Israel had a free vote - something almost unheard of in any Arab country, let alone the Palestinian Authority, where Mahmooud Abbas should have called elections more than five years ago.


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