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Israel's critics are not being told whole truth

THE newspapers are full of criticism of Israel regarding the situation in Gaza, as you might imagine. For those who love and support the Jewish State, it may seem like defending the indefensible. But a lot of truth gets left out in the media.

It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words and, with the images of women and children killed or injured being shown on our TV screens every night, is it any wonder people are appalled by what they see, perceiving it to be Israeli hatred or aggression?

Israel, however, does not wish for civilian casualties, nor does it target civilians in any of the campaigns to root out Hamas terrorists – and those responsible for firing rockets into towns in southern Israel.

Hamas, on the other hand, makes it quite clear that any Jew or Israeli is a legitimate target and seeks to kill as many of their Jewish cousins as possible. The oft-quoted observation that Israel is being disproportionate, due to the higher death toll among Palestinian Arabs, hides the fact that, if Hamas had its way it would obliterate far more than the 60 Israelis who have died thus far.

Whatever your views, be aware of Hamas's tactics of using women and children as human shields, which makes the job of the Israeli Defence Forces extremely difficult. Don't be too quick to judge Israel for every action she takes in a situation we are fortunate enough never to face in the comfort of Europe.


Bangor, Co Down

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