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It's high time the UK was realistic about migrants

IS the Royal Navy now complicit in people trafficking by completing the last stage of the route into Europe? They might as well go to Libya and collect the migrants and save them the trouble of looking for the boats.

When will someone realise that, while the migrants are landed in Europe and the prize for making it is papers issued to allow entry into Europe, the flood will continue. The traffickers could not have imagined it was this easy.

Undoubtedly, some are genuine refugees from persecution, but there are also economic migrants among them.

The decision to return them to the port of departure must be taken before they end up in Calais, trying to jump into lorries.

Europe - and particularly the UK - is full, with services already stretched, and cannot be expected to take in everyone from this troubled world we inhabit.

A dose of realism needs to be injected into the situation.


Ballyclare, Co Antrim

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