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It's hurtful and cruel to brand people failures

I AM fortunate enough to teach in a Belfast grammar school which is placed in a fairly high position in your newspaper's league table.

It is a fact, however, that due to falling rolls and a less clearly defined testing process at Key Stage 2, many of us are now having to teach a much wider ability range and intake than ever before in order to fill seats.

My own daughter was branded a 'failure' under the old 11-plus system seven years ago, as she did not pass the test with a top grade.

However, she was fortunate to be offered a place at Hunterhouse College, where she has flourished and experienced enriching extra-curricular activities.

At Key Stages 4 and 5, she outperformed a number of her ex-preparatory school friends who now attend the attached grammar school and she is hopeful of getting into university next year.

It is cruel and hurtful of the Belfast Telegraph to label my daughter, her friends and her teachers as 'failures' in such a blunt way.




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