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It's long past time that the capital of the province should be equipped to stage an Ulster GAA final

letter of the day: CASEMENT ROW

After watching BBC's Spotlight programme on Casement Park I cannot but be amazed at the line-up of obstructions to this project. Spotlight was yet another example. I also note the lengthy list of - shall I call them? - "non-GAA sympathisers" joining the fray.

As a pensioner I recall there was a time when Casement Park safely held a capacity of more than 50,000 at big games and, as a Sunday game, traffic was manageable.

The surrounding objectors' homes were there at that time. Now I read in the Belfast Telegraph about Matt Collins of the People Before Profit ("no such thing as bad publicity") Alliance is to join the obstructors.

In 2016 the nanny state uses the vast new industry of health and safety to lecture us all. As usual, all horrors are foreseen.

The logical conclusion of serial health and safety enthusiasts would be barriers along all footpaths for safety.

Has anyone visited the Principality Stadium in Cardiff - dramatically high stands with a 72,000 capacity in a built-up, inner-city location?

West Belfast needs this project badly for a variety of reasons - not least economically.

So, 35,000 should be the new lower capacity and, like Croke Park and the Aviva Stadium, a limit put on the number of concerts annually.

Kingspan Ravenhill can host their biggest rugby finals, so also football at Windsor Park. It is long past time that the capital of the province of Ulster should be able to host the Ulster GAA final.

Of course, engage constructively with the local householders, but the few cannot unreasonably add to the continuing deprivation of thousands of their neighbours.

In conclusion, Mr Collins, this project is as much about "people" as "profit" and, with your support, rational safety concerns can be accommodated.


Lurgan, Co Armagh

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