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It’s no slur to be McGuinness’ enemy

In response to the Belfast Telegraph’s interview with Martin McGuinness (August 19), I must say being identified as the enemy by Joint First Minister McGuinness is no slur for TUV.

McGuinness demands fresh roll-over by the DUP on his policing and justice demands.

I’ve no doubt he’ll get his demands because the DUP has long since determined that feeding the Sinn Fein tiger is a price they will pay to cling on to office. So I’m not surprised McGuinness is stepping up the pressure on Peter Robinson to deliver on his shabby deal of last November.

Every unionist should ask themselves why IRA/Sinn Fein is so insistent on getting Stormont control of policing and justice.

The answer lies in the Sinn Fein manifesto of 2005: “Our strategy is for a new all-Ireland policing and justice system. That cannot be achieved without transfer of policing and justice powers away from London, into an Executive and Assembly and the all-Ireland institutions.” Hence their dogged pursuit of this strategic republican demand.

That the Belfast Telegraph in its editorial compliantly adds its weight to fulfilment of this republican demand is equally no surprise. I suppose we can next expect a NIO/Belfast Telegraph poll telling us how overwhelmingly everyone is in demanding the devolution of policing and justice. The script is fairly predictable.

The fact that under the Robinson/McGuinness deal no unionist need apply for the post of Justice Minister, because they have agreed a non-unionist will get the office, may suit the Belfast Telegraph, but I for one do not accept that unionists should be excluded from the Justice Ministry.


Leader, Traditional Unionist Voice

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