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It's not age, but speed that causes road deaths

I HAVE just learned from the media that the Government is considering raising the age at which a full driving licence can be issued to 19.

I cannot help but wonder what hair-brained politician thought this one up. And – worse still – how many will endorse it for it to become law.

Do these politicians not watch television? Or do they always turn their heads away when adverts show gruesome road traffic accidents involving loss of life?

Do these same politicians ever seek the advice of the people that deal with these accidents? Apparently not, as age is never mentioned.

Basically, it is speed that causes most accidents, followed by careless, inconsiderate, reckless and dangerous driving.

If the Government is, indeed, serious about reducing death on the roads, then I suggest it introduces a law that restricts learner and inexperienced drivers (car and motor-cycles) to vehicles of the lesser power-range. Follow this up with heavier penalties for offences.

Once the youth lose their use of a car, they will soon change their ways to safer driving.

I believe there are states in the USA, where a full driving licence is issued to those of 15 years of age. That indicates that age is an irrelevancy to being a safe driver.

I am sure that the roads are as dangerous in the USA as they are here.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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