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It's one big joke up at Stormont

Isn't it about time that the British and Irish governments called time on the charade at Stormont? Left to their own devices, it's possible that the DUP and Sinn Fein will come to some agreement and unemployed Orangemen will be able to march past crowds of unemployed, but Irish-speaking, nationalists.

Direct rule didn't seem great at the time, but it was definitely less embarrassing than this.

We don't need politicians with "strong stomachs and thick skins". Brains would be nice - and some commonsense even nicer.

For anyone who thinks either Sinn Fein or the DUP should be representing them, I suggest a quick look at any of the debates that are on the Assembly website. The Sinn Fein /DUP formula is to avoid the substantive issues at all costs. Surely, if an election were called, common sense would prevail amongst the majority of voters and the sectarian, confrontational attitudes of the bully-boys would be swept away.


Co Down

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