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It's plain to see our politicians are myopic

Our local seers - Gerry Adams, Peter Robinson, Declan Kearney and Jeffrey Donaldson - have given the impression that they know what is in store for the north.

I would give Gerry Adams the Bluff of the Century So Far award for predicting Sinn Fein's idea of a united Ireland any time soon, while Peter Robinson and Jeffrey Donaldson deserve the Proudest Empty Boast of the Century So Far award when telling us that the Union has been secured for decades to come.

Declan Kearney is surely entitled to a special award for the Best Stirrer of the Century So Far for attempting to talk about "reconciliation" in the same breath as implying that unionists should effectively accept the Sinn Fein analysis.

Propaganda is what they're all at. Gerry Adams sees an opportunity in a Scottish referendum to have one here which, as he has effectively admitted, would follow SDLP policy of convincing a minority of unionists to vote with nationalists for change.

For Sinn Fein, this means there is no purpose in talking about reconciliation and thus the clumsy, ill-thought-out utterances of their chair. The greatest problem for Sinn Fein is that it is not just unionists who are afraid to be stuck with them in charge.

Many nationalists, including Sinn Fein voters, who like the fact their vote annoys unionists, don't like the idea of being left alone in a country run by Sinn Fein.



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