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It's time for all politicians to back the PSNI

The parties at Stormont must step up to the mark, back our police force without equivocation and take politics off the streets.

The police are doing an incredible job, in the face of incessant violence and intimidation and NI Conservatives offer the Police Service of Northern Ireland our full and unequivocal support.

It's time for other parties to do the same, without any ifs, buts or maybes, without basing their support on who officers are called upon to police at any given time and without an eye on placating trouble-makers, within whichever perceived part of our community.

I have a great deal of sympathy for the Police Federation's call for more officers, given the violence and extraordinary workload which the PSNI has had to face, over the past nine months. There is yet another opportunity though, with the Haas Process, for politicians to take responsibility, show some leadership and ease the pressure on the police.

There are very many issues which that process will confront which are solvable.

We need to make every effort to build a society where officers can get on with fighting everyday crime, rather than constantly policing riots and disorder.

It's all very well to talk about 'peaceful protest', but if political parties cannot guarantee that demonstrations will remain peaceful, then they should not encourage people to take to the streets.

Trevor Ringland

Co-chairman, NI Conservatives. Holywood

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