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It's time Sinn Fein accounted for all IRA arms

THE recent, murderous attacks undertaken by the terrorist grouping that now wishes to call itself the "New IRA" confirm the fact that "they haven't gone away".

I have pointed out on several occasions the connection between weaponry used by these terrorists and the link with the Provisional IRA.

My own belief is strengthened by the statement, widely reported, of Gerry Kelly MLA when he stated: "What I'm more critical of are the ones who – some of them my former comrades – are almost trying to plot a revolution after it has taken place."

Mr Kelly, in my view, is stating that he knows who these terrorists may be. If that is the case, surely he, as a member of the Policing Board, should identify those "former comrades" to the PSNI?

I believe that the IRA has not "gone away"; this grouping is the Provisional IRA membership that chose not to decommission.

They kept their terror weaponry and are now using it without the fear that their allies in Sinn Fein will identify them to the police.

Now is the time for the Provisionals and Sinn Fein to come clean and to provide a list of the weaponry that was not de-commissioned.

Even the dogs in the street – even the DUP – know that the Provisionals did not fully decommission. The recent murders and other terrorist incidents throughout the province continually reinforce that opinion.

ROSS M HUSSEY (Ulster Unionist)

MLA for West Tyrone

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