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It's time Sinn Fein stopped backing hare coursing

I wonder if Sinn Fein will denounce the recent incidents of cruelty to rabbits at a public park in east Belfast? According to reports, trainers were seen feeding rabbits to their greyhounds in broad daylight at the venue.

I imagine it might be a difficult issue for the party at present, owing to its official policy, adopted at last year's ard fheis, of fully supporting live hare coursing. Blooding of greyhounds is a brutal practice, with the unfortunate rabbits serving as mere bait for the dogs.

But hares are also subjected to a terrifying ordeal when they are captured, crammed into little boxes and then confined in large open-air cages until the day they are used as bait. In spite of all the evidence of cruelty in hare coursing, Sinn Fein has not only committed itself to backing its legal status in the Republic, it also made an unsuccessful attempt to have the coursing ban lifted in Northern Ireland.

This, despite the fact that the majority of Sinn Fein TDs, councillors and MLAs have declared themselves to be personally opposed to it. With the Sinn Fein ard fheis due to be held in September, we hope delegates will act to rescind the shameful pro-hare coursing motion adopted last year.

Ireland, north and south, would be a better place without it.


Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports


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