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It's time the world's most powerful politician was a woman and Hillary Clinton fits the bill very well

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AS a man, I have felt for a long time that the under-representation of the majority of the population - women - in the decision-making forums of what are supposed to be representative democracies is one of the major faults of democratic rule worldwide.

I think that marginalising the talents, perspectives and interests of such an important and vital majority is not in anyone's interest.

I am, therefore, totally at a loss when I see Hillary Clinton described in what is supposed to be rational political discourse as a "dinosaur", "tarnished", "crooked" and a "feminist Nazi" - and these descriptions are going unchallenged.

I cannot understand why her second attempt to be the first woman to become the most powerful politician in the world is meeting with so much opposition - especially from other women.

I am even more at a loss when I see the arrogance-will-get-you-everywhere attitude of Donald Trump, her Republican opponent, being praised by commentators and newspaper headings describing "young women swooning" over Sanders, the near-totalitarian socialist who is opposing her from within her own Democratic party.

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If Clinton, representing mainstream democracy and as a member of the majority of the population, does not become the next president of the US, when all she has opposing her are Trump and Sanders, representatives of the arrogant, patriarchal and near-totalitarian Right and Left respectively, one would worry for the future of democracy.


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