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It's time to cap handouts to society's layabouts

David Cameron appears to be the only one taking the blame for the cap on welfare benefit of £26,000 a year. Surely this was a decision the coalition Government took?

My political leanings are as far-Left as David Cameron's are far-Right, but I view the welfare state as a 'once-principled' idea, degenerating into a diabolical farce by the action of political/religious misfits that allowed and/or encouraged such abuse.

The majority of these misfits have never been hungry in their lives, never known what a day's manual labour entailed.

The present welfare system attracts every layabout imaginable, just like like bees to honey. It is their utopia. Where else in the world would one get something like it?

The European Union has decreed that foreign residents, whether working or not, can claim for a family (say) 500 miles away and, to make matters worse, they have to get the UK going-rate of child benefit.

To appreciate money, one must work for it. Money handed out willy-nilly devalues it: sure, there is more where that came from (and plenty of it, too).

It's time we came to our senses. There is plenty of work available for those who want it, albeit not the salary they want, or even need. But it is work.

There is not an animal on the planet that doesn't have to work to feed itself. Human beings should be no different.


Kircubbin, Co Down